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Tree Cutting And Tree Removal Service

Tree Cutting, Tree Felling, Tree Removal and Limb Removal

We can remove hazardous and dead trees and limbs for reasons of safety; trees damaged to the point of being unable to survive; or clear an area for construction in Acworth, Kennesaw, Marietta, and Woodstock. There are basically four reasons why tree trimming is important:

Aesthetics. Obviously, a well-maintained and a well-shaped tree is much more attractive to look at than one that is gnarled and uncared for.

To encourage the growth of strong, healthy trees. Regular trimming can keep your trees healthy because it allows light to infiltrate even into the darkest portions of the tree and helps to remove decaying limbs.

Safety reasons. Trees whose branches have grown very long pose a problem to both the tree and to the utility line or power lines. Moreover, old trees such as many found in the Atlanta area are known to shed branches when they near the end of their life expectancy. These branches can fall on to unsuspecting people underneath and cause serious harm.

To prevent property damage. Branches touching the roof of your house can cause shingle damage or allow squirrels to have access to the attic to your house. Further damage to take place when parts of the tree actually fall off and land heavily on certain areas of your house and other property.