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Pricing Information

Price is important; but is it all-important? Shopping with price as the ONLY consideration makes sense when purchasing certain PRODUCTS or ITEMS, but when it comes to SERVICES such as tree removal and tree trimming, what you actually get may vary wildly for the exact same job. Taking the lowest tree service bid without considering other factors can cost you more in property repairs and headaches. We ask you to compare the following list with other bids. It can help you weigh all the critical factors as you choose a tree service in the Atlanta Metro Area.

Amount of Estimate

  • Detailed, Written Estimate upon request?
  • Is their estimage a good value considering their offer?
  • Are they Full-Service and Care for all Your Tree Needs?
  • Experienced personel?
  • Recent References Available?
  • Trust them with your property?
  • Confident in their safety measures?
  • General Liability Certificate Presented?
  • Calls Answered or Returned Promptly?
  • Punctual to Appointment for Estimate?
  • Helpful, Informative Tree Advice?