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Our Efforts Guaranteed

Guarantee #1 — 100% Efforts: Customer property damage is more common in the tree service industry than you may expect. Why? Damages that should have been avoided often stem from poor decision-making due to inexperienced or chemically-impaired tree workers. Poor equipment also brings on avoidable damages, and even injury.

While the best tree companies work to mitigate all damages, certain conditions are harder to control, such as dead trees or live trees with rotten centers. These often break during removal or fall in unpredictable directions.
Or at times a customer is unaware of where a septic tank or sprinkler pipe is buried, making them harder to safeguard.

Our List of Efforts to Prevent Damage:

  • Communicate with customers regarding sensitive aspects of their property.
  • Communicate effectively with each member of the tree crew.
  • Clear the area where possible.
  • Create a plan using the right techniques and access routes in order to minimize damage.
  • Carry out the work with drug-free, highly experienced tree workers.
  • Use low-impact equipment.
  • Guarantee #2 — 100% Efforts: In the rare case that damage occurs despite our thorough prevention protocol, we promise to do everything in our power to make things right as quickly and as thoroughly as possible. We wil provide a high level of communication with the customer.

    We would start by immediately notifying the customer. In the highly unlikely case that an insurance claim needs to be filed, we will do so the same day.

    Our List of Efforts to Repair Promptly

  • Notify customers immediately of any significant damage.
  • Make repairs immediately whenever possible.
  • Involve any necessary contractors as soon as possible.
  • Provide customers with updates on the progress of repairs.
  • Ensure customer satisfaction.